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Looking at Life & Love
Through the Lens of Time...

I grew up in San Francisco in a family of 12…we were joyful, chaotic, close – and we captured our times together in pictures.  I used to love looking at those photographs.  In a curious way, they made me feel as though I could live in the Past and the Present at the same time, and the memories they triggered made our family bond seem Timeless.

One day I noticed that the last album ended when I was about 5 or 6 years old, and I wondered, “Why did it stop here?  Did life get too hectic, less romantic?”  Maybe we were just so swept away by the pressures of daily life that we were forgetting to cherish present moments?  I thought to myself, "This has to be wrong."  And I began documenting my family's life.

Photography became a passion for me.  I didn't take pictures for work, I took pictures to capture Life and Love. I didn't see pictures, though; I saw moments in Time.  You can keep pictures, but precious moments in our lives can slip away unrecorded...

Amazing pictures aren't composed as often as they seem to simply materialize before our eyes.  Many photographers spend their life making art.  I want to spend mine capturing art as it happens.  Life – true romance, true passion, true joy, true color... this is my art.

Time is life's most precious commodity, and while it isn't something I can give to my clients, I can help them remember their best times in pictures.  As deeply troubled as he was, Van Gogh instinctively saw art as an expression of love for others: “…a good picture is equivalent to a kind deed.”  This is my perspective and my passion, and it is my pleasure to share it with you.  Because it's your wonderful Life.




"small egos make

big pictures"

I'm a musician at heart, and I studied counseling and communications and computer science in college.  Music – and my education in psychology and human relationships – made me want to capture life’s memories even more.  In 2004, while away at school, I started my journey as a professional photographer.

I began working in beauty along side Celebrity Makeup Artist, Alexis Vogel. I met lots of wonderful clients
and created most of my celebrity work. Including Pamela Anderson.

Now, I work in Los Angeles as a beauty/fashion photographer. It's not about
shooting famous people... To me, it's about helping people get what they need.

Everyone's a celebrity to me.

Beauty is everywhere, and I love proving that there is beauty in those that may not even know they're beautiful.


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